Banged Up.

Long, soft bangs—the kind that just barely graze the lash line—are seductive for a few reasons: the shadow they cast over the face, the attention they draw to the eyes, and the way you have to keep brushing them aside in the quintessential “Who, me?” gesture. Just be warned that you can’t let bangs air-dry and expect them to look good. You’ll need a small, round brush and a powerful blow-dryer. Simply use the brush to pull bangs forward as you follow with the dryer; don’t wrap the hair around the brush—that’ll give you a dorky curl. For added polish give your bangs a nice bend, rather than styling totally flat.


Strange, but True.

Many things that are in bad taste have one saving grace: being hilarious. But a new jelly containing eBay-purchased strands of what’s supposedly Princess Diana’s hair makes us gag, not laugh. The amino acids in human hair have actually been used in food production for years (yup, it’s true), but the co-founders of the catering company Bompas and Parr weren’t thinking of flavor when they made “occult jam” out of the late celebrity’s hair—and they definitely weren’t thinking of taste. Five pound jars are being sold for $7.60 at a London art exhibition, providing them with an opportunity to call the jam “surreal” and insist that it is both food and art that provokes thoughts about food marketing. It sure made us think about marketing—and how nothing seems to be sacred anymore.

The Poufy Braid.

1. Rub volumizing mousse onto your roots before blow-drying with a round brush. Flip your head upside down and blast your crown for extra lift. 2. Tease your crown into a big bump and gently pull hair back into a loose ponytail. “Tie it with a bungee elastic to avoid losing height,” Bowman says. 3. Coax up the front of your hair again with a comb. If you have bangs, swoop them behind an ear and pin. Braid your pony, secure, then step back and admire your skills.

Halo Braids. Grown Up Braids Pt. 2

1. This look works best with superlong hair, so don’t be afraid to cheat by adding extensions first, or a braided headband. 2. Want to work with the hair you’ve got? Prep it with dry shampoo, like Kevin Murphy’s Dry Shampoo, for good grip. Divide hair into two pigtails. Secure them with elastics just above your ears, braid each and secure the ends. 3. Bring each pigtail over to the other side of your head, holding it in place with bobby pins. Tuck ends of both underneath the braids.

Grown-Up Braids. Part One- The Undone Braid.

1. No need for a blowout; just apply a bit of texturizer to the bottom third of dry hair for nongreasy piecey-ness. 2. Make a braid (or two!), securing with a clear elastic two inches from the ends. 3. Now gently tug around the crown and back of your head to get the messiness going, instructs celebrity hairstylist Hallie Bowman. To loosen the braid up even more, stick your fingers or the handle of a comb in and wiggle a bit. Got layers? Let ‘em hang out.

Long and Luscious

Definitely the most maintenance with Long and Luscious locks. If you aren’t into the idea of hour long blow-drys and such, we have the Keratin Treatment for that.  The biggest pay-off is with super long beautiful hair.  There is nothing more striking than a head full of beautiful, long hair.  Here are a few of our favorite looks:

Mid-Length|| Best of Both Worlds

Here are a few of our favorite Mid-Length Looks. Mid-Length is the best of both worlds- If you are non-committal, this is your answer.  You like the idea of short hair, You like the idea of long hair…but don’t wanna go too extreme in either direction- Here is how you can have your cake and eat it too.